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IVF rates on NHS has fallen

hosptialwaitingroom1 Figures show the provision of free IVF on the NHS in England has fallen to its lowest level since 2004.Fertility Fairness says there has been a steady decline in the number of providers offering the recommended three cycles of treatment.The NHS says it does not have "unlimited resources". National Institute for health and Care Excellence guidelines say women aged under 40 should be... Read More

Major IT crash causes 'critical incident'

computerproblem1A major IT fault at Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust has left it unable to report pathology tests for nearly a week.The hardware failure caused the collapse of the trust’s Telepath pathology system, which has remained offline despite efforts to recover it.The trust has been forced to declare a "critical" internal incident – the second highest level below "potential service failure"... Read More

Face-down restraint being used in mental health wards

mentalhealthillness2 Despite the government and the NHS saying it should stop, face-down physical restraint, which can restrict a patient's breathing, is still being used in mental health wards in England.In 2013/14, 22.4% of recorded incidents of restraints were face-down, falling to 18.5% by 2015/16.Some healthcare trainers say face-down restraint can sometimes be the only appropriate way of keeping staff and patients s... Read More

Mental health support service launched for children

Mental Health The Department for Education and Department of Health have launched a new interactive resource, MindEd, in a bid to tackle rising concerns about mental illnesses in young people.This resource is for concerned children and their families to seek help.    Read More

Simple steps could decrease risk of dementia

Health chiefs say, simple lifestyle changes can decrease your risk of developing dementia by 60%.Dubbed the 'Act Now' campaign, health chiefs want the public to remember it with steps: Active (physically and socially)Check your health regularly Try new thingsNo to smokingOccasional alcohol in moderatio... Read More

Call for schools to ban tackling in rugby

rugbyCall for ban on tackling in rugby matches played in UK and Irish schools.Doctors say injuries from this 'high-impact collision sport' can have lifelong consequences for children. They are urging schools to move to touch and non-contact rugby. Read More

Stroke more likely when clocks go forward

Scientists say people are more likely to suffer a stroke after the clocks change.A study found stroke admissions to hospital was 8% higher in the two days after the clocks went forward or back. Researchers at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Neurology said that they wanted to investigate whether even a mild change in the body clock could cause such problems. Read More

Women ignoring deadly symptoms

Women fail to go to see their doctor with potentially life-threatening symptoms because they say they are too busy with work or family.According to research, more than a quarter of women said they prioritised work over making an appointment with the doctor and more than a third said looking after their family came first.A further 14% said spending time with their partner was more important than seeking ... Read More

Healthy New Towns revealed

NHS England chief executive Simon Stevens to announce the locations of 10 'healthy new towns'.The Healthy New Towns programme, where health and wellbeing will be 'designed into' their construction, could include fast food free zones near schools and dementia friendly streets.NHS England plans to bring in clinicians, designers and technology experts to shape care provision in each location. Read More

Vision for NHS to be outlined in Hunt lecture

NHS (2)Follow the lecture live tonight at 5.30pm#HSJLecture Read More

Pharmacists to give flu vaccine

flu virus testingNHS Employers announce participating community pharmacies will vaccinate patients aged 18 and over from September 2015.This was agreed after negotiations between NHS England and Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee, in return for a funding package of £2.8 billion for 2015/16, and additional flu funding. Read More

Irregular sleep patterns linked to cancer

Study reported in Current Biology, finds irregular sleep patterns lead to cancer in tests on mice.This recent study lends weight to concerns about the damaging impact of shift work on health. Researchers say women with a family risk of breast cancer should never work shifts, however, further tests in people are needed. Read More

Head teachers worried about pupils' mental health

Survey finds head teachers more concerned with pupils' mental health.Management support service, The Key, conducted the survey of 1,180 school leaders. Two-thirds of head teachers named mental health as their top concern.Domestic violence and cyberbullying were the next biggest concerns, named by 58% and 55% of heads respectively. Read More

Findings of public perceptions of the NHS

Standout findings from latest government survey on public perceptions of the NHS.Please click here to be redirected. Read More

Prescriptions to display how much contents cost taxpayers

prescriptionwriting A new government plan will see all packets of prescription medication displaying the cost of its contents to the taxpayer.All packs costing more than £20 will display "funded by the taxpayer".This is part of an effort to try and reduce waste and remind people of how much their medication costs. Read More