Why choose PfS?

Why choose PFS?

Health and social care services are undergoing significant change in response to rising demand, diminishing resources and higher patient expectations.  We recognised that this environment would benefit from a greater understanding of the contribution that effective change management can make; delivering positive outcomes and measurable benefits on time and budget.

Whilst the health service is highly adept at producing change flyer pic 4strategies and pockets of innovative practice, there are often significant skills gaps in consistently delivering successful change.  Experience suggests that ‘Rigorous Delivery’, as outlined in the NHS Change Model, is often neglected or compromised when it comes time to implement change.

The precise nature of the skills gap will depend on each individual, their team, organisation and the nature of the change required.  As such there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to equipping people for change.

Whether you are responsible for leading a change initiative, in a project management role or part of a project team, Planning for Success can enhance your change management capabilities by tailoring a development programme to your individual needs.

What makes PfS unique?

Personalised modular approach

  • Choose from a broad menu of training modules
  • 1-day foundation and summary modules with half-day specialist modules to suit your needs

Create your own Change Management Toolkit

  • Receive a Change Management Toolkit, complete with essential guidance and te
  • Build your personalised Toolkit with module-specific content based on your specific requirements

Designed and delivered by experienced healthcare project managers

  • The PCH team has collectively been involved in more than 100 projects worth over £1 billion
  • PfS draws on the wealth of our practical experience

Post-Programme Support and Advice

  • Every delegate place on each PfS module includes 1 hour of remote post-programme support and advice from our expert PCH team

Aligned with the NHS Change ModelTable Planning

  • PfS is consistent with the principles and components of the NHS Change Model
  • In particular, PfS directly supports the ‘Rigorous Delivery’ component of the model

Why choose PCH Projects?

PCH Projects is a unique consultancy specialising in healthcare project and programme management.

The PCH team has an impressive track record of successful change management assignments for providers, commissioners and regulators operating within the UK health sector.  Change management is what we do – Strategy to Delivery with a ‘can do’ approach.

Drawing on our collective experience of change management in the real world of healthcare, the PCH team has spent many months developing and testing PfS with senior NHS managers and clinicians.  PfS distils healthcare change management down to a number of interrelated modules that use interactive discussion and practical exercises to facilitate different learning styles.

We don’t muddy the waters with unnecessary terms or complicated concepts beyond what we know is useful and practical.  We use tried and tested tools that we know work in a healthcare change management environment.

To book simply call 01773 828286 or email sarah.allen@pch-projects.co.uk