Planning for Success

What is Planning for Success?

PLANNING FOR SUCCESS (PfS) is a personalised Change Management programme, tailored to your individual needs.

Designed and delivered by experienced healthcare project managers, PfS equips and supports you to manage change in a health and social care context, delivering positive outcomes for patients, providers and commissioners.

PfS has a broad menu of modules to offer, each one equipping delegates in different aspects of change management. These modules are:

  • Change Management Health Check
  • Introduction to Project and Programme Management
  • Governance and Assurance
  • Business Case Development
  • Project Planning
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Risk Management
  • Project Completion
  • People and Change

All our modules use interactive discussion and practical exercises to facilitate different learning styles.

The PfS programme includes a Change Management Toolkit packed with helpful tools, templates, guidance notes and case studies, tailored to the modules you take.  Each module comes with content for you to build your own personalised Toolkit.  Each module also includes remote post-programme support and advice from our expert PCH Projects team.

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More about our modules

Planning for Success has a broad menu of modules to choose from.

Our 1-day foundation module – Change Management Health Check – is provided by the Bradgate and Rodely Partnership and ensures that the building blocks are in place for a team or organisation to successfully manage change.

Our 1-day summary module – Introduction to Project and Programme Management – provides delegates with a strong overview or refresher for change management, summarising all key aspects.

Our other half-day specialist modules provide greater insight into more specific elements of change management:

  • Governance and Assurance – the importance of effective project governance and assurance, and how they ensure that your desired change becomes a reality
  • Business Case Development – the process of building a strong, approvable business case and the tools you need to do it
  • Project Planning – how to make project plans that will drive your change forward to become a reality and not just create pretty pictures
  • Stakeholder Management – how to effectively engage and communicate with project and programme stakeholders to successfully lead them through change
  • Risk Management – how to effectively identify, assess, evaluate and monitor risks and issues, giving you the best chance of success
  • Project Completion – how to finish projects well, get the most out of change and making it sustainable for as many people as possible
  • People and Change – the softer side of change management – understanding organisational culture, how to get people on board and how to successfully lead them through change

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We also have a number of ‘set menus’ for your consideration:

  • Set Menu 1 – Rigorous Delivery – successfully delivering change outputs, outcomes and benefits
  • Set Menu 2 – Working with People – effectively working with teams and stakeholders
  • Set Menu 3 – New to Change Management – change management from the bottom up

All our PfS modules are set ready for you to purchase for your team or organisation.  However, to gain the best value from the modules we recommend that they are tailored to your specific needs, with some preparation work carried out prior to delivery.  We would love to work with you to create something bespoke so please contact us for a free consultation.