Project Management, by Raconteur

Project Management 2016 / Project Management 2015

Readers of the Sunraconteur pmday Times with an interest in project management recently received a bonus in the form of this fascinating supplement on the latest thinking on the topic.

Packed with articles and infographics on the latest trends in the project management profession including Lean processes and Agile business practices, plus an insightful article on the primary causes of failed projects in the last 12 months.

We liked it!

Creating an innovative organisation, by Jan Even Evensen

Creating an innovative organisation

Photo of Jan Even Evensen

Jan Even Evensen is a Partner in Timebox AS, Oslo, Norway

Although written in 2004, we still like this insightful article on innovation. Although the author derives his perspective from the telecoms industry, many of the key messages are highly relevent to the healthcare sector. The paper succinctly decribes the benefits an organisation can achieve by using a structured approach to innovation to achieve sustainable competitive advantage. At PCH we believe these principles provide a strong foundation for effective strategic planning for succesful healthcare organisations.

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